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Training Workshop: External Audit Teams for Institutional Audit

A one day training workshop for possible future institutional auditors was held at Hotel Jen on 24 May, 2015 by the Maldives Qualifications Authority (MQA). The workshop named as “Training Workshop: External Audit Teams for Institutional Audit” was conducted with the funding of the World Bank by the consultant Bastian Baumann. It was the 2nd workshop MQA conducted in as few as 3 days to strengthen the higher education quality assurance system in the Maldives. 

The main purpose of the workshop was to train a pool of possible future auditors to familiarize with the new institutional audit guideline being developed. The participants included some academics working at higher education provision institutions, current subject experts involved in course document review and some people who went to Australia for a short-term training facilitated by MQA, which was funded by Australian government. The participants are expected to play a role in future institutional audit teams. 

In the opening ceremony, MQA’s Chief Executive Officer Dr. Abdul Hannan Waheed gave a presentation about institutional audit, explaining the process from a technical and academic point of view. The chief guest Minister of State of Education Mr. Ahmed Shafeeu also, outlined the current higher education quality assurance regime in the Maldives and emphasised the importance of institutional audits as a continuous quality enhancement process with HE QA. The State Minister also noted the usefulness of developing such guidelines in consultation with relevant stakeholders. 

Mock interview sessions for audit panels were conducted during the workshop as a training methodology to familiarise with possible issues and areas that need to be aware in institutional audits. In the closing ceremony, the chief guest Mr. Shafeeu acknowledged the need for a legislative arrangement for MQA to operate, so that the HE QA regulatory body can function as a fully fledged system. At the end of the workshop, attendance certificates were awarded to all participants. 

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  • 25/07/2013