Institutional Audit comes under the overall function of academic audit. The current cycle for Institutional Audit is 3 years.
Every year, MQA selects higher education institutions to be audited in the year and send an initiation letter. After that, the respective higher education institution, carries out the self-evaluation and produce a self-evaluation report which is then submitted to MQA. MQA conducts external evaluation through site visits by the appointed audit panel. After the site visit, audit report is generated with recommendations and rating, along with other components, such as findings. Once approved by MQA’s Advisory Board, the audit report is published on MQA’s website.
Institutional Audit process is carried out with legislative power through the “Maldives Higher Education and Training Act” as well as the “Regulation for Institutional Audit”, “Guidelines for Institutional Audit” and the “Manual for conducting Institutional Audit”.