As per Section 20 of the Maldives Higher Education and Training Act (7/2021), Maldives Qualifications Authority (MQA) has to establish, maintain and publish qualifications register of academic programmes accredited by MQA.
Qualifications Register of Maldives is the reference point for MQA accredited programmes.

Contents of QRM

The information in the QRM provides the following information about the accredited programmes:
  1. Name of the higher education institution (HEI)
  2. Campuses approved to conduct this programme
  3. Name of the awarding body (if different)
  4. Qualification Title
  5. Qualification Type
  6. Field of the qualification
  7. MNQF level of the qualification
  8. Number of credits
  9. Duration of the programme
  10. Mode of study
  11. Delivery Modality
  12. Date of Accreditation
  13. Licensing body (if relevant)
  14. Validity period
  15. Expiry Date
  16. Accreditation certificate number
  17. Accreditation Status