Learners will be able to obtain qualifications that are:
  • Quality assured.
  • Internationally bench marked.
  • Transferable for various other courses the learner may take in the future.
  • Trusted by employers, educational institutions and the general public.
For employers, the MNQF would mean:
  • To have the trust on the national qualification system.
  • Education and training that are relevant for the industry.
  • Increased availability of skilled and adaptable employees.
Course providers will benefit from MNQF by being able to:
  • Validate the quality of their programmes and certificates.
  • Offer standards-based training with measurable outcomes.
  • Provide training for nationally-recognized qualifications.
  • Transfer academic credits between qualifications and institutions.
  • Expand the range of programmes offered.
  • Benefit from external monitoring that leads to quality improvement.