MQA’s Programme Audit comprises of 3 main processes or stages.
  • Before commencing
  • Random Batch Audit during the Delivery
  • Final Batch Audit

Before Commencing

Before commencing each batch of an academic programme accredited by MQA, the provider must submit required information to MQA.
This information is collected to facilitate the next stage of the Programme Audit, which is “Random Batch Audit during the Delivery”.

Random Batch Audit during the Delivery

MQA shall carry out random checks of MQA accredited programmes to monitor the conduct of the programmes. These checks shall be based on the accreditation document and information provided on the “Required Information before Commencing a Programme”.

Final Batch Audit

In this stage, the HEI shall submit the required information of a completed batch through submitting the “Final Batch Audit Form”. In this stage, MQA will need to determine if an MQA accredited academic programme has been conducted as per the accreditation standards.
Certificates and completion letters shall not be issued /awarded to students without MQA’s approval in writing as a reply to the “Final Batch Audit Form”.