MNQF consists of the following features:
The qualifications recognized in the MNQF are classified in two groups:
  1. Tertiary Education (MNQF Level 1 - 4); 
  2. Higher Education (MNQF Level 5 - 10).
The levels of qualifications (e.g. Certificate I and Certificates II) are differentiated based on the breadth, depth and complexity of knowledge and skills that are included in various qualifications. All qualifications in one level may not be equal in terms of volume of learning represented in the duration and credits. Specifically, qualifications in each Levels of 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are different and not equal and should be treated as different qualifications though at the same level.
All qualifications in the MNQF have a purpose and are interrelated to each other, providing for articulation from one qualification to the other by recognizing prior learning. Qualifications recognized within the MNQF will be readily understood by the public, credible and useful to the employers.
MNQF provides pathways for life-long learning. The recommended minimum credits and learning hours as well as guidance for required contact hours for each qualification are provided. The duration of an academic programme leading to each qualification is expressed in weeks and academic years.