This information is provided as per Section 7 (g) of the Maldives Higher Education and Training Act. The following information is compiled based on the qualifications recognized by this authority since (20th August 2023)
  • These qualifications are listed as recognized qualifications because, students who are eligible to enroll these programmes completed and submitted to this Authority for qualifications recognition. Though, these programmes are listed as recognized foreign qualifications, the recognition of these qualifications will be based on an individual basis, case by case depending on the eligibility of the students who are enrolled to these programmes as per this Authority’s “Entry criteria for MNQF qualifications”.
  • A student cannot claim recognition of a qualification listed here without being eligible as per this Authority’s “Entry criteria for MNQF qualifications”.
  • To make sure the individual cases of these qualifications and others are recognized by this Authority, students can submit the dedicated application for the service named, “Application Form for Recognition of the Intended Programme” and get the reply from this Authority.
  • Please also note that if any of these programmes listed are stopped, cancelled by the competent body of the country, though listed here, such programmes will not be recognized by this Authority after such a change.